Our fans

now include tweakers like the mousy little girl in plaid.

meth head

yeah, she was fiending.  She liked my camera.  She thought i was “working” because of it.

Is this the S-D-X (over-enunciated) bus stop?  I’m just dressed poor.  I’m not.  I’m just a little short and so I need the free bus unless you could help me out.

What really sealed the deal for her as the sergeant at meth position in the MP fan club?  Nonchalantly tracking me (sometimes following, sometimes walking ahead and then pretending to be interested in something)  from the Mirage to the mall across from the Wynn, waiting for her chance, deciding

  • which pocket has the wallet?
  • Does the camera bag have better swag than the camera itself?
  • Oh shit, a cop!


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