Turn in your man card, Enzo

Rich Guy 1:  Hey other  rich guys! Let’s drive our exotic peacocks to Payson for some Spaghetti-Os!
Other Rich Guys:  Yay!  Let’s shall!

But then, terror struck.  In a move worthy of the Arizona Cardinals…

My dad, watching the weather channel:  Hmm, 2% chance of rain in the barren wastelands Arizona.
Rich Guy 1:  Rain?… Abort!  Abort!

Per the newsletter

Yes… that’s right.  It rains about 10 days per year, and it looks like we have 3 of them coming up in the next 4 days.  So, we are going to postpone the drive and lunch, and reschedule for 2/9/13.

then to Facebook:

Scuderia Southwest 18 hours ago
Saturday looks like it might rain! 🙁
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  • Raoul Duke go anyway. That’s why cars have wipers and headlights.

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  • Scuderia Southwest Melting cars!

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  • Raoul Duke what a world, what a world…
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  • Scuderia Southwest …and regrettably, our chariots melt in the rain. Heck, none of mine even have windshield wipers.
    8 hours ago · Like

fors some, the news was welcome…

Other rich dude: Thank epileptic Jesus we called it off.  Popping my headlights AND using my wipers?  I would need a Viagra AND a Cialis to do that. Or Prozac and Thorazine, on the rocks.

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