We Forgot to Give It a Title

cat monster

Chapter 3:  It’s What’s for Dinner

So she made them (Ed.: The cats)into hors d’ouerves and fed them to her most respected guests.

After the guests ate the food, Lisa invited them to play a game of Trivial Pursuit.  They initially balked at the idea, (one had initially been humiliated badly in front of a first date,) but upon further consideration of the plan, the guests decided that they could pay back their host.  You see, they realized that Lisa could not answer any of the History category questions.  They could pose many and humiliate her into the embarrassment they felt she deserved after that horrible appetizer.

Later, the guests left in a fit of aptitude, for whatever that was worth.  They decided that they would not visit Lisa and her maid for dinner.  Bruce suggested that they go to the bowling alley to look at all the fat women in tight jeans.  Fred didn’t think that would be interesting enough.  He wanted to visit the local leper colony (located at the North side of town) and watch body parts fall off.  Lisa decided that that was a better idea because of the appetizer potential.  The maid, who was in the very act of leaving (with a house decanter stashed in her coat) suddenly gained a new interest in the job. She said “maybe these pale people ain’t so dumb after all.”

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