It Still Needs a Title: Dogs and Cats Living Together

Chapter 6:  Dinner

After a half hour of stuffing various body parts into the Zip Loc bags that were stuffed under the seat (along with the various other paraphernalia which Bruce was glad to utilize) the merry bunch traveled back to Lisa’s house to Nuke the parts in preparation for the Oster.  The cock roaches were learing out from under the stove, in eager anticipation of the fallen tid-bits to come.  The aroma of stewing ingredients was a familiar smell that reminded the restraint workers of the source simmering pots, along with the peering cock roaches.  What a sight, it could only bring bright thoughts of the merry times of Christmas cooking and shit.

Chapter 7:  Deliverance

But it was nearly eight months to Christmas.  Any fool that could add could surmise this fact.  Meanwhile… woken by the cock roach tarantella, Tim, clearly disoriented by the numerous flauta burns and abrasions he had suffered from his demise earlier in his satanic nocturnal journey from mexicania, screamed.. “AAAGGGHHH! Where are my car keys and Hawaiian leighs?  Gads… my mother is going to kill me!”  Stumbling through the wreckage of misguided Hors derives, Tim struggled to an ungainly postured pose intended only for the purpose of gaining Dick and Pat’s respect…… and Tippie’s amout.  But alas, Tippie’s curiosity was only peaked by the aromic aromatic amorous scents of Tim’s uncanny coon which reeked of masculinity….. his name was Kip.

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