Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale

that has no title

Chapter 12:  Inches. 12 Pirate Inches

“Hey Gilligan, what’s a hardoon in the pantoon? Skipper said he’d get one if he could watch me bathe and massage myself with soap.”

“Shit, bitch, I ain’t got a clue.

“Professor? PROFESSOR?!”

“Hey MaryAnn.  Did you Know that Incephalopardigieal Waanguuts are indigenous to Pacific tropospheres? “

“Fuck you, you asexual!!…. Oh, Shit!…. it’s the Skipper!  What’s he doing to…”

“Get away from me, you brute!!”

“Come on, Luvvy!  Give it to me, you Hussy!!!”

Oops, wrong story.  Okay…Bruce was waiting anxiously to find out if Tippie’s love animal was his or Kip’s…

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