The One About Kwik-E-Mart

Mister, will you do me a favor?
Mister, will you do me a favor?

Chapter 11:  …And a Slurpee and some pickled sausages

“Let’s you and me go get some Carltons,” said Larry to Fred.  They drove off in a flurry of screaming tires and protestations from the engine of the pimped out Cadillac, curb feelers raising sparks as Larry played curb-hunter.  Half of the purpose of the Carltons was to cover up the pine air freshener scent from the previous owner.

At this point, the golf cops decided to go bust people for not replacing their divots.  “Go get those cork-sucking bastidges,” cried Bruce, who could really appreciate the subtleties and nuances of golf etiquette.

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