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Chapter 10:  At Least It’s Not About a Leper.  Oh wait

The aardvark commented to the duck billed platypus, “Hey you’re ugly!” The platypus replied… “That’s not very cordial, you must know my mother.”

“Yeah”, responed the aardvark “parental influence notwithstanding, you’re still one of the most repulsive creatures in this swamp.”

At that point, the local ranger walked up to them and made a comment pertaining to the overall cruddy conditions of his miserable existence.  The rat, who had just finished his weekly repast of fried lice said “at least people don’t make jokes about size at your expense.”  The others, duly chastened, retreated to ponder the fate of the poor rodent.

Back at home, Lisa lapsed into a fit of depression, remembering the demise of her microwave.  “It was a gift from my guru,” she lamented.  He said I had “the best lotus position he ever saw.”

[Boy], wearing a mauve evening dress, suggested that they take the deceased machine to the appliance graveyard.  The others agreed, and someone said that they should have a wake. “I’ll make the rice krispie treats,” said Tracy, who was feeling a little foolish about her ottoman comment.  “What a perfect setting for leper finger food, so to speak,” said Lisa.

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