Barefoot and Pregnant

Get to it woman – those Mexicans have a head start

Patrick Johnston
Friday near Zanesville, OH
I’m giving a lecture at homeschool conventions this year. My goal is to reach homeschoolers who practice birth control, who don’t want as many kids as the Lord may want to give them. I need your help with a title. Here’s the description:How many kids is a “full quiver”? Can the quiver be too full? What if you cannot afford to take care of your kids? Are there negative consequences to being “spread too thin” in having too many kids? Is birth control biblically justifiable? Are there biblically justifiable exceptions? Are there any forms of birth control that are biblically unethical?Come and listen to this seasoned family physician, husband and father of eight, discuss these sensitive issues in light of God’s Word. This is not the kind of information that you’re going to get at your Ob’s office, or hear from your average pastor’s pulpit. Dr. Johnston is convinced that all advice must be filtered through God’s instructions for living. Learn the devastating consequences for the “demographic winter” that appears to be inevitable in the West, what it means for our future, and learn how the church must respond. Come have your faith strengthened for the “full quiver” life!

Any recommendations for titles? I’m considering “Pondering a Full Quiver?”

In other words, start making babies, ladies.  Jobs and your own interests are less important than future redstate voters.  The Mexican atheists are coming, after all. Lie back and think of Jerry Falwell.

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