20 years ago (this July), a former classmate got dead at the hands of a gunman shooting up an office. He was learning the ropes on how to help people solve their problems.  It’s supposed to be a good thing.

I finished my schooling and went off into the white-collar world.

One of the first gigs I had was as a temp doing monkey work (at least at first) at a yacht club firm in midtown Phoenix.  I stretched that gig into months of work – contract cases, civil rights of inmates.  Helping people exercise their rights – it’s supposed to be a good thing.

Today, one of their high dollar sharks took a bullet at a settlement conference.

Trust me, i don’t live in fear of stupid little twits who think guns solve anything.  I don’t assume I am next.  I am not about to start packing heat to walk to my car.

But, I just have to wonder, at least for today, is there a message to me in these events? It begs the question, do I have any other marketable skills? and

  • can I make any money doing things I actually enjoy?
  • since my ex thinks i should earn 80% more than I do now, thanks to made up numbers on, how much more do i get fucked by the courts if I walked away from a paying gig before my kid turns 18?
  • (failing that, can I make a porn website? I know a guy with a Bugatti and a couple McLarens that seems to have a successful formula…)
  • do i know any “models” or “performance artists”?  Besides former employees, that is.

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