Stop eating Cheetos at bedtime

mr moose captain kangaroo

Otherwise weirdass shit happens inside your head.


Cars in the water

BHO event in auditorium brostyle shake/shoulder bump “S’up [asshole]?”

Whoops no camera

Whoops victims

Camera, no prez


Wake up to play a game that vexes

Figure out game

Have oh shit. My time better spent sleeping moment

Kid in a play (THRUST)

Russell Pearce has male lead

Shatnerian method actor/off script decisions re character

“You can’t do that”

“I can’t?  I’m RP bitch.  See how far your play goes after I tell school board it’s immoral”

CU student

In Kagan’s office talking shop

You and the other ring wraiths

Time to go Frodo

Back at CU

Xmas break is over

You were reassigned from your convenient dorm to a different dorm

Find it on this chart

Whadda ya mean you’d like a map?

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