Stop eating Cheetos at bedtime

Otherwise weirdass shit happens inside your head.


Cars in the water.

Obama event in auditorium brostyle shake/shoulder bump “S’up [asshole]?”

Whoops no camera

Whoops victims

Camera, no prez


Wake up to play a game that vexes

Figure out game

Have oh shit. My time better spent sleeping moment

Kid in a play (THRUST)

Russell Pearce has male lead

Shatnerian method actor/off script decisions re: character

“You can’t do that”

“I can’t?  I’m Russell Pearce, bitch.  See how far your play goes after I tell school board it’s immoral”

I’m a CU student In Kagan’s office talking shop

Me and the other ring wraiths

Time to go Frodo

Back at CU, Xmas break is over

I was reassigned from your convenient dorm to a different dorm

Find it on this chart

Whadda ya mean you’d like a map?

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