We thought of this first

Your authorLet’s Just Jump This [‘73 DodgeInto A Pond. Hypothetically, of course.

8 Barrel: Of course.  Rolling it into the lake under cover of darkness is a less flagrant felony, with a better chance of avoiding detection.  Hypothetically, of course.

Me: Of course.  We can blame it somebody else.  Dan Talayco?  Cthulu? Mitt Romney?

8: Of course.  Even so, think of the snapping turtles.  Also cops.  Imagine losing your virginity in Jackson, in prison. Hypothetically, of course.

Me: Of course. I’ll do worse.

8:  As a matter of fact.

8:  Anyhoo, it’s just too risky. Hypothetically, of course.

Me:  Fine.  Just don’t ask about any Rancheros.

8:  Fair enough. Hypothetically, of course.

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