Yes we can

A million years ago, I ended my grad school career with a 3 hour morning essay, followed by a “yay for us” trip to Oasis brewery for a cold one. I thought it was a Buffalo Gold.

Oasis closed in 2001. I thought they sold their beer recipes. In any event, I saw that there is now a Buffalo Gold made by Rockies Brewery.

Buffalo Gold Golden Ale

Buffalo Gold Golden Ale
A Colorado favorite since 1989, Buffalo Gold is the definitive golden ale. The mild maltiness gives way to a unique floral character generated by a perfect balance of Cascade hops. Our lightest beer in flavor, it’s an easy-drinking beer that still packs a stampede of flavor! 4.8% ABV
Boulder Beer.

It’s the one flavor you cannot buy in SandLand Arizona. Why? Why did those bastards stop making Boulder Extra Pale Ale (the best beer ever)? Because they’re cruel  and heartless, obviously.  Lucky for me, I have a friend in Colorado who makes occasional road trips.  Take that, you microbrew marketing department failures.

As for the beer itself, yeah, it does kinda make you feel like you headbutted a bison.  A less exuberant tasting will follow, now that we’ve been reunited, after about 18 long years.

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