Hypocrites, Ninnies and Trolls #bostonmarathon bombing aftermath

So Boston got bombed.  Keep your fucking pants on. THIS is ground zero for legalizing marijuana. CHILL THE FUCK OUT

  1. yes, of course it’s sad.
  2. This is more like Atlanta 1996, than the 9/11 treasonous conspiracy events, Alex Jones.
  3. No, this is NOT another reason to blame all Saudis, al muslims, all brown people.
  4. No, Pat Robertson, this is NOT God’s vengeance for gay marriage,, either
  5. Yet another reason to hate fox news.
  6. Don’t invest in gold you sheep.  Infest in tinfoil, because Glenn Beck/Palin/Jones/Hannity/Rush, et al. are causing a run on the market for hats and window coverings.

Why all the hand wringing? We laughed at the irony of the guy who shot himself at the NRA 500. We love the crashes. We watched the gore of Kevin Ware’s gruesome injury repeatedly. The national concussion league (NFL) is the biggest sport ever – watching guys beat their own brains out for money, with polite distancing from boxing/wrestling.

I am tired of the posturing and the fake revulsion.  we love violence, we pay to see it for entertainment, we pay to inflict and foment it overseas. We don’t have to like it but we cannot be surprised when, whether from some cancer within or some twisted fuckstain without, it is visited on us IRL, for a change, without the courtesy of a “next week on…” preview or a TV-MA warning.

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