A walk in the dark

The sidewalk was dark, except for the occasional streetlight casting its orange glow on alleys and corners – all the good spots.  The few cars were evenly spaced, so no wall or doorway was safe from headlights for more than a few seconds.  He needed at least a minute.

this was not a usual haunt of taggers – perhaps because of the lights, and the steady trickle of pedestrians that filled the gaps of scrutiny left by the streetlights and cars.

He got to the car, safely tucked on a tiny side street, out of reach of the parking nazis. By then the urge to express himself was almost overwhelming.  He turned down an alley that doubled as a parking lot for apartments on either side.  Just as he was about to be swallowed whole by this urge to create something, he spied a portable storage unit  The alley side was lit up, but the back side was lit only by the dim diffused glow from the frosted pane of a small bathroom window on some unsuspecting flat.  But there were bicyclists cruising the alley.  Would they see?  Would they hear?  It was too late.  This needed to happen here and now.  The unit wall was just too inviting and perfect…

Moral of the Story:  Hit the loo before walking to the car from the bar – you won’t be sorry. Or stumbled upon in a vulnerable moment.

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