The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) – IMDb

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) – IMDb.  In Four Words:  Show us yours, Emma.

Jet and I watched this last night, instead of him packing for his return to Tobacco Road and me sleeping.  I didn’t buy Peter Parker as a seamstress.  I hated Emma Stone’s blond dye job. I loved Emma Stone as “any actress that isn’t Kirsten Dunst.”  I kinda liked the less is more approach to this origin story – they don’t set up the newspaper job or Mary Jane or her backstory or lots of other stuff from the comics.  There is superfluous backstory, not from the comic, but it didn’t bore me like Willem Dafoe or “Bonesaw.”

I really liked that Emma Stone smirk at the very end.  It’s that little uplift of hope that the Tobey Maguire version lacked – as you will recall, TM dumped the former vampire girl and walked away.  In this version, you know everything will work out as is should without waiting for the sequel.  In no small part, this is helped by Peter Parker showing the girl what’s under the costume.  If only the girl would return the favor.

Plusses – spider porn – much cooler than depowered Clark Kent ant Lois in Superman II
Minuses – these are supposed to be high school kids, i.e., wishing for a pretend felony with a high real world creepy quotient.

Jet and I were actually talking about this.  I saw Porky’s when it first came out. I loved the shower scene with all the naked girls.  It wasn’t a bad thing – I was close in years to high school, and the actresses were all 18+.  Now though, I have some number of kids in high school.  While I appreciate the hotness of young women of legal age, there is just somthing offputting about the idea of ogling pretend high schoolers.

(So i just tell myself they’re in college.)

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