Worth a Read: Their Ghosts Still Haunt The Place

Their Ghosts Still Haunt The Place: How Four GM Motorama Show Cars Were Saved from the Scrap Heap 

Cadillac Town Car

GM’s plan, says discoverer Bortz, was just to get the cars off the books before the year closed out by ensuring that they were destroyed. “Harry Senior told me they sent a guy out to oversee their destruction, but it was Christmas week by then and it was cold, and the guy was supposed to be on vacation. So he told Warhoops he trusted him to finish the job and went home.”

Warholak says he’s less certain about dates, only that it was warm when the cars arrived and definitely winter when his father had told a few of the guys to go at them with “hammers and stuff.” The Biscayne’s doors were cut off at the hinges, and the La Salle II roadster was cut in half. Time ravaged the rest.

On paper, officially, the cars were scrapped. But it was never much of a secret that they still resided at Warhoops. “Dad was always doing stuff with GM, and lots of guys came through here and knew. Maybe on the books GM didn’t know, but GM guys all knew. Car people all around town knew.”..

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