Star Trek Into Darkness: Dick Cheney and the Orcs

Go see it.  Now.  Meet some friends again, for the first time.

Other thoughts:

  • wow, that timeline is fucked.
  • Again.
  • Kirk turned 50 in the Star Trek II.
  • Don’t talk to me.
  • Goddammit.

  • Spock has head wings when he runs
  • Pike has mutton chops.
  • The ST:TMP good uniforms are back.
  • So are the Starship trooper naziwears
  • Because: Uniformzzzz
  • Carol Marcus
Carol Marcus
My interest is purely scientific.


  • Robocop is a dick
  • San Francisco is an iceberg
  • whiskey ice balls, just like the first time.
  • Neo?  hey wait, it’s just that guy we know from TV, woken up as a result of Vulcan blowing up in the first one.
  • Orcs?
Orc or klingon
Orc or klingon?
Orc or klingon?

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