Mr. Big

So last night, we went to “An Evening with WHCC.” White House Custom Colour “strive[s] to create and sell the world’s best photography products” like back drops, floors and mixed media displays of one’s photographic art.

But, lurking in the back of my mind was this:  “please note this event is for photographers only.”  Oh shit.  What’s your definition of photographer, WHCC?  Is my Instagram enough? [Ed.: FOLLOW ME!!!]  I’ve got blogs too!  Is that enough to be a “photographer”?  I know the invite says “Photographers: It doesn’t matter what level you’re at.” [Ed.: so Death Valley in a world of Rainiers is cool?] I’d like to believe that you’re including me.  However, we all remember what happened at the Buick dealer, when they invited “everyone” to come drive the new Electra and get a prize – except that “everyone” meant “only you people who have the desire and means to drop coin on our product today.”

The event was not at the American Legion hall on the backside of a scrapyard in east Mesa.  Instead, WHCC booked “The Clayton on the Park” in the old money section of Scottsdale  Yep, no pretense there.  As a gay, trust fund endowed, club-hopping hipster, I was instantly at home. Like always.

Apprehension about crashing the party/being outed as a poseur aside, the coolest things were the metal prints. And the standouts, and the image blocks, and the albums, and the floorings that would be a million times cooler as backdrops.  I was a kid in a candy store, to a degree.

Also cool (in a good way) was the free beer.  Everyone should always have an open bar when they invite bloggers.

Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez: You are safe only on holy ground. None of us will violate that law. It’s tradition.
Me:  Yeah, what Zardoz just said.
WHCC:  There can be only one… free beer. (At a time.)
WHCC:  Also, you spilled your free beer on your camera, genius.

also cool in a not quite uniform way?  Appetizers:  The Bruschetta and antipasto were fabulous, except for the exploding bread.  Not a fan of the mystery goo sauce on the chicken skewers or some of the cheese in one of the salads.  The cold limp booger shrimp covered in goo tasted exactly like their description.  But, because it was free, it was all fabulous and we are grateful for Pepto Bismol.

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