Back to Work

It’s a “no.”  Welcome to the industry, Mr. Kroger.  Start papering the walls.

From: John Neff <>
Sent: Monday, June 17, 2013 12:16 PM
Subject: AUTOBLOG: Thank you for your submission
I’d like to personally thank you for responding to our call-out for a new member to join the Autoblog team. Not only was the amount of interest we received from this call-out incredible, but the quality of submissions was humbling. It was our pleasure to review everyone’s hard work.
Unfortunately, we will not be choosing you to advance for further consideration.
Again, thank you for your submission and I sincerely hope you continue on this career path.

No worries about me.  I actually did not think this was the ideal fit, since they were more interested in facts and accuracy than yet another one of my stories.  Taking the shot was the big step.  I will take the next one, too.

My only complaint is “Unfortunately, we will not be choosing you to advance for further consideration.”  I despise predictions of future behavior, especially when the prediction is designed to disappoint me.  Instead, I would prefer a line like this: “Sorry for this bad news, but we did not choose you to advance for further consideration.”  It’s cleaner in every way.

Sincere thanks to AB, both for the opportunity to submit, and for them waiting until AFTER Father’s Day to let me down.  Jalopnik would have probably sent these out last Friday afternoon to goatfuck the entire weekend.

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