Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

What is the point of using different words, when the same word can just be reused? (I used the internet to find that title sentence.  I used Wikipedia to explain tha the sentence is used to show “New York bison whom other New York bison bully, themselves bully New York bison”.)

51 words there; “used” or some form of it shows up 5 times.  Wasn’t that scintillating?  “Used” really paints a vivid, visceral, palpable sense, doesn’t it?  And, to make it work, I threw in some intentional passive voice.

In the real world. people pay me to write.  Those same people also presume to edit my work and put their name on it. Usually that is OK.  Sometimes, it is mind-boggling.  I wrote something about a guy who went to a bar and got beat up.  So, I tell a story.

Editor:  Why are you talking about the guy’s injuries?
Me:  Because that’s the whole reason we’re here.
Editor:  Why did you not refer to the [unknown weapon] in every instance as [term used by first witness]?
Me:  Because people saw one thing, the cops recovered another, and described a third thing?  The facts belie the litany.
Editor:  What does that mean? Why did you call it a “hand weapon” once, instead of reusing the first phrase?
Me:  Ennui?
Editor:  What does that mean?


Editor: What do you mean by “how easily the weapon could be wielded by an assailant”?
Me:  What do you mean “what do you mean”?
*tries to explain without asking “are you a fucking moron?”*
Editor:  Well, if it takes that long for you to explainit, it’s obviously a flawed sentence.
Me (to frazzled secretary):  What’s wrong with this clause?  Do you understand it?
Frazzled secretary:  Yes.  He’ll just change it to “used.”
Editor (to me):  Here are my changes.
Me (to frazzled secretary):  Here are his changes, which require no supplementation or explanation.
Editor (edit notes):  Replace “wielded” (by an assailant) with “used.”
Me:  Of course.  Allow me to use the wall to give myself a concussion.


Editor:  I need to leave in 20 minutes.
Me: I already gave your minor edits to the frazzled secretary.
Me:  [Because i am not your goddamned secretary, and you are not above handing them directly to your secretary, without a valet.]
Me: [so you can sign it and start your fucking weekend already.]

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