A moment ago

From two hours ago:

Moe:  There is no evidence that some drunk guy was drunk.
Me:  He blew a .4.

Moe:  There is no evidence that some drunk guy is responsible for having his ass beat.
Me:  He talked shit to those guys that did it. So said the one trying to get out of it. That is evidence.

Moe: There is no evidence that mere words make you partly responsible for having your ass beat.
Me:  You talk crap to drunk people, you can expect to get a beat down. Law of the jungle
Me:  Also, it is a violation of the man rules to talk in the bathroom, especially at a urinal.  Duh!

Moe:  We are advocates for our clients.
Me:  We are beholden to the truth.
Moe:  Fine.  There is no “credible” evidence, then.
Me:  I can write that.

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