Mr. Big

So last night, we went to “An Evening with WHCC.” White House Custom Colour “strive[s] to create and sell the world’s best photography products” like back drops, floors and mixed media displays of one’s photographic art. But, lurking in the back of my mind was this:  “please note this event is for photographers only.”  Oh shit.  What’s […]

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At the Sign of the Cat

which is ironic, because there were only rats and junkyard dogs in sight.  Nonetheless, let’s race!

1967 Mercury Cougar junk
In this class, having wheels mean you probably win.

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The Ever Growing Throng

We’re starting a new series, mostly at Drive-By Shootings, called “Go Fence Yourself.”  We’ve been exploring the barren Martian wasteland of Phoenix, lately.  What better time than high summer, right?  In beautiful South Phoenix and Maryvale, EVERYTHING has a fence.  Industrial park parking lots top their chain link fences with razor wire.  That’s how we […]

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In other news

There is no news.  We did not expect any, in a great hurry, and thus we have not been disappointed by the radio silence thus far.  Brick Tamland is monitoring the situation and will give updates at 6 and 11 as usual.

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