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Pussy wagon What the hell is the point of painting “pussy wagon” on the tailgate of this Dodge truck?

For the longest time, some Dodge truck trims were called “Power Wagons.”  Then Chrysler started calling their trucks “Dodge Ram.”  A couple years ago, they dropped the “Dodge” in favor of simply “Ram.”  With that history as a backdrop (notwithstanding the whole “ram”/”[just try to] dodge [the] ram” innuendo), what do we think the message is? Read More

It’s the new…

Jan Brady Rockstar Supernova MDF Flotsam? I don’t know Jason Newsted, but I know of him. I worked at the drug food with his classmate (before he bailed).  I do know his mom.  She sold hearing aids for about 30 years.  True story. So good luck, Mr. “Metallica was my dream job but I walked away […]

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A short programming note

We just downloaded a new theme that looks pretty amazing.  But, it needs tweaking – more tweaking than we can do here at Mission Control while sitting in a dentist chair, or worse, DOING OUR DAY JOBS!!! This weekend though might include some site hiccups while we play around with new flashy stuff!!!, depending on […]

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Not soon enough

Can football season come.  Meanwhile, the greatest: One Frame At A Time: Anthony Carter Watching that video, I felt the same anticipative stirring of the Michigan Stadium crowd — or, on the road, the same petrified silence — when AC touched the ball that I’ve only experienced at Michigan with Denard Robinson; there’s greatness, and […]

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White wedding

It’s a nice day for it. I just got this note about my sister’s mother in law Grandma passed on into eternity last night. She battled cancer for years. Please pray for grandpa as he learns to cope without grandma. Candace let us know that grandma was trusting in Jesus alone for salvation! Cancer sucks, […]

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If you could see tomorrow…

If you could see tomorrow the way it looked to Ford in model year 1981, you’d say:  wow, the bottom was rocky but maybe good things happen if we follow these bubbles up.  from all reports, the 1981 “world car” was a disaster: overweight, underpowered and handling quirks that made the first Corvair seem predictable. […]

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The Apple

The apple of my eye doesn’t fall far from the tree, except that sometimes it does. I have a kid – a couple of them, actually.  Kid1 was chomping at the bit to get a driver license. Kid1 wanted an Aston for the longest time, because of some mormon vampire chastity book. [Ed.:  Twilight] Kid1 […]

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