Spectre of “the Bodyguard”

So last night I watched Wyatt Earp, the 1994 Kevin Costner flick.  I never intended to watch this movie, as it was one of those copycat releases that were so popular in the 1990s:

  • Tombstone (1993)/Wyatt Earp (1994) (the Earp story)
  • Braveheart (1995)/Rob Roy (1995) (crazy Scots who live in mud and fight those damn brits)
  • Armageddon (1998)/ Deep impact (1998) (oh no! asteroids!!!!)

Rather than work on parts of the empire or the new directions I would like to go, I watched all 311 minutes of this thing. I liked the story, tracing Earp from trying to be a lawyer, to a drunken horse thief, to casino piss boy to accidental law man.  He tried to get out of that business, but kept being dragged back in.  It was always about the brothers, and making a place for them all.

The mountain of bison hides and the skinning and waste of everything else just made me want to barf.  BASTARDS!

Especially cool was that others – townspeople, sheriffs –  kept trying to have him and his gang arrested for stuff he did on the job.  Growing up with Gunsmoke, et al., it seemed like if the marshal shot you, it was your fault, not his.  In Earp, shooting the corpse of your fallen enemy, or your enemies when their gun isn’t loaded makes you a murderer, not a colorful hero.

[Word to the wise, Joe Arpaio]

In any event, the story was much different than I expected.  No OK Corral showdown.  No gangicide to end the problem right then and there.

No Melkotians.


 In four words: Beats fighting with Lurlene Different than on “Trek”

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