Life, the Universe, and Everything

Life, the Universe, and Everything is explained by football or Star Trek.  It’s true.  Football is easy – anything that has to do with sex fits.

Star Trek takes on other things – racism, war mongering, cultural elitism.  Recently, it became apparent that Star Trek explains divorce behavior.

David Marcus Kid: I’m sorry, sir. Just don’t surrender. Genesis doesn’t work the bus pass is free. I can’t believe they’d kill us for it she wouldn’t help me get it.
Kruge Ex: Admiral You asshole, your young friend is mistaken. I meant what I said. And now to show that my intentions are sincere, I shall kill one of the prisoners piss all over some more of the kid’s innocence.
Kirk Dad: Wait a minute! Give me a chance to talk.
Kruge Ex: [in Klingon bitchspeak] Kill piss on one of them. I don’t care which.


KirkDad: You should take the Vulcan tooget the kid the free bus pass, just like the last two years.
KrugeEx: No.
Kirk Dad: But why?
KrugeEx: Because you wish it.

KrugeEx: Genesis [Ed.:  No, not THAT Genesis.  Not ever.], I want it!
KirkDad: Beam the Vulcan upGet the bus pass, and we’ll talk.
KrugeEx: Give me what I want, and I’ll consider it.
KirkDad: You fool, look around you! The planet’sYour parenting’s destroying itself!
KrugeEx: Yes, exhilarating, isn’t it?
Kirk Dad: If we don’t help each other, we’ll your chance to be a mom to your kid will likely die here.
Kruge Ex: Perfect. Then that’s the way it shall be.

Yet to come is the wrapup  of this little discussion

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