White wedding

It’s a nice day for it.

I just got this note about my sister’s mother in law

Grandma passed on into eternity last night. She battled cancer for years. Please pray for grandpa as he learns to cope without grandma. Candace let us know that grandma was trusting in Jesus alone for salvation!

Cancer sucks, and then you throw a Hail Mary.

Anyway, the Jesus bit had me going a little.  I met this lady once, during game week for Buzzkill’s wedding.  The best part of that week was dad’s new van.

Second was barhopping with Skippy’s non-cult brother and the family friend after the rehearsal. And not killing them in a horrific DUI crash.

Third was skipping the bachelor party to which I was not really invited anyway. On the menu: Rocky IV, prayer, pretzels, prayer, soda, prayer  and prayer – no women, no ungodly thoughts, just nerds watching sweaty men beat each other – homoerotic fundamentalism is not my thing).

Fourth though was partying with the in-laws after the arranged marriage was locked in.  Skippy’s parents were Californians (yuppie-types) who drank like Midwesterners and hated the cult that snared Skippy.  They got their daughter out of it, but Skippy was too far gone.

Anyway, they sprung for an open bar at the rehearsal dinner.  (They didn’t know me.) And, in the afterglow of the Skippy Buzzkill first kiss/celebration of their first clumsy effort at making Jesus minions/relief that these two were each others’ problem now, we drank in their hotel room.  Lather, rinse, repeat. Good times, that came with trophies.

I want to think that this picture of Jesus death is not real, and that Carol was “fun-loving, gin swilling, bangles and Botox Carol”. But, having rewatched John Carpenter’s The Thing and ST:TNG Best of Both Worlds recently, I am receptive to the belief that at the end, she either said, “maybe this will work” or she said “fine, bring me Jesus, if you will just stop singing in the mean time,” and took the freak assimilation willingly. I’d rather believe that she just made the mistake of being alone with one of them.

Fuchs: There’s something wrong with Blair. He’s locked himself in his room and he won’t answer the door to me or anyone. So I took one of his notebooks from the lab.

MacReady: Yeah… and?

Fuchs: Listen: “It could have imitated a million life forms on a million planets. It could change into any one of them at any time. Now, it wants life forms on Earth.”

MacReady: It’s getting cold in here Fuchs, and I haven’t slept for two days.

Fuchs: Wait, there’s more.

[reads from the book]

Fuchs: “It needs to be alone and in close proximity to a life form in order for it to be absorbed. The chameleon strikes in the dark.”

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