Hard to believe

but Messenger Puppet has now consumed 20% of this particular “author’s” life.  In a word, AYFKM?! In more than one word. we don’t know whether this arbitrary fraction has any real world significance.  We are proud to have outlasted lots of better crappy websites.  We are grateful for every next day without a NSA van […]

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Say my name

Walter White: Now… Say my name. Declan: …Heisenberg… Walter White: You’re god damned right! It’s funny.  You can live and work with people for years.  They still have no idea. They toil on, holding to the rules and routines of their universe. It’s that time of year again. Unaware of what lies behind or underneath. […]

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R.I.P., America

Dad! Mom, Dad, this is Larry Kroger. The boy who molested me last month. We have to get married. Clorette De Pasto (Nate “Igor” Smith/PHOENIX NEW TIMES)

 The Weirdest Things We Heard at Gathering of the Juggalos- Up on the Sun.

“I’m gonna rape your mother if you don’t buy our drugs”
– Yelled over a megaphone by a kid with a heavy amount of facial tattoos who had been stapling dollar bills to himself and later cut off at least one of his nipples for $80.

Mad Max was wrong.  So is Elysium.  The Juggalos are the apocalypse.  The juggalos are the industry titans of the world that comes after.  Or, this is just SSDD in Faber College high school.



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Is it Safe?

This was my yesterday: somewhere between and This means a liquid diet for a couple of days (no, not the fun kind). Absolutely no sharp or spicy things. So of course, QDoba was there to the rescue. Butthead, We’ve loaded your choice of FREE CHIPS & QUESO or FREE CHIPS & GUACAMOLE to celebrate the […]

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