This was not on the DUI part of traffic school

Man shoots friend trying to prevent him from driving drunk – Autoblog.

The Huffington Post reports the drunkard was attempting to leave the bar after an evening of heavy drinking when his friend, Java Bowling III (yes, really), attempted to take his keys to prevent him from driving home drunk. Good friend, right? Well, as things tend to happen when alcohol is involved, a scuffle broke out. Only instead of ending the night like most drunk friends do (you know, by attempting to walk through the White Castle drive-thru at 3:30 AM), Campbell shot Bowling in the chest.

In related news, the local speed nazis busted me for going 70 under conditions where 70 was reasonable and prudent.  Except for that sign that said “45.”  Bastards.

So, that meant either taking the points, the $250 fine and the insurance hit for three years.  Or traffic school.  Last time this bullshit happened, so did traffic school.  That time, the online class had all sorts of real and fake questions at the end of the chapter, and the only way to get it right was to actually pay attention (and take notes).

Yesterday, I opted for the Improv traffic school.

  • Is it cheaper?  No.
  • Is it entertaining, with all the humor and youtubes and such?  More than a tooth extraction
  • Do you have to take notes or pay attention? No, just DL/print the chapter for reference.
  • Are the quizzes hard? Nope.  Sometimes the answer is even on the quiz page (they have cartoons and sometimes that is the subject of the question).
  • Do you have to sit there for 24 minutes anyway?  Yeah, in some states.  That’s why god invented internet porn sudoku.

MORAL OF THE STORY: fuck you, Sheriff Fife.

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