Fancy Parking: Your world frightens and confuses me edition

It started out as an ordinary trip to a car show.  I followed the GMC to a choice pull through spot.  I could have gone to either side, but i went right in case there was no passenger (couldn’t see).  Even then, I was cautious in pulling in, in case there was a passenger, especially one who liked to kick the door open.

Parking brake, kill the ignition.  Oh look, there WAS a passenger. Good thing I left plenty of room.

Scion GMC Parking
Seems ample.

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I think I preferred

winning the Nigeria lottery/inheritance/warlord slush fund.  At least I could understand it.  As opposed to this gibberish:   Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2013 12:07:01 +0100 [09/29/2013 04:07:01 AM MST]   From: Subject: Josephites or any one else. They did not wish to see the VERB restrained and purified nor the creative impulse controlled by REASON. […]

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Speaking of things that knock

What ever happened to the Heisenberg-mobile?  We last saw it abandoned in the New Mexico desert, after taking a bullet to the gas tank.  But then what?  Yes, it sounded knocky and horrible, running out of gas.  Yes, it’s ORV career was a bit more arduous than most SUVs ever experience (going to Costco).  But […]

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In da Club

There are rules in the club.  Yes, you can flirt with the strippers and feel them up, AS LONG AS THE BOUNCER DOESN’TSEE YOU.  Third time gets you thrown out of the club.  No cartoon one night stands this night, asshole.  At least you didn’t get shot or arrested this time.  Asshole. Also, driving an SUV […]

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Donald Trump’s Penis Monument (“Wishful Thinking”) Says “Hi”

So we took the entire staff on holiday to Chicago.  Why not?  What’s the worst that can happen? Karma:  You’re kidding, right? Anyhoo, we survived. While we were in town, we thought, “hey, what is that ass-ugly monument to phalluses everywhere?” A: That’s  the Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago Us: Wait till Otis Donald sees us! He […]

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How to be a lawyer

An occasional series of rants. When a partner gives you a motion and tells you to raise x, y and z defenses in the response, spend all your time forcing those defenses to fit the facts.  Even if they don’t. Don’t waste your time trying to understand the arguments on the other side or analyzing […]

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So a week behind the billion dollars worth of fan boys, I got GTA: V yesterday. Here’s the skinny:

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