Eat the Rich: The Oven is Preheating on This Goose

We’ve been going to Scottsdale’s “Cars and Coffee” for a couple of years now.  There’s always some whacked out crazy mobile  we’ve never seen before.  Lots to shoot; lots to drool over.  Sometimes there’s even coffee.

But now, suddenly, the britches, they seem to be getting a little tight for this “informal” gathering.  It’s gone from

The non-car club, car club… SSW.  No drama!  No meetings!  No egos!  Just fun with cars!


The ‘usual suspects’ decided that since everyone else seems to be doing cars & coffee events, we wanted to honor the quality of both the cars and enthusiasts who come out to our events, with a more appropriate name. From here on out, C&C will be called The Motorsports Gathering.

Oooo, you fancy. Yesterday’s announcement was followed by a handjob piece for Bob Gemmill and Bud Bourassa puff piece in the local paper: First Saturdays: Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering.

A scuderia in Italy during the Middle Ages was a place where race horses were kept, but the exotic “horses” owned by members of Scuderia Southwest are made of iron and glass rather than flesh and blood.

These local gearheads get together on the first Saturday of the month for the Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering to sip coffee, swap stories and share their unbridled passion for high-end automobiles.

The event, originally called Scottsdale Cars and Coffee, began at the Shops at Gainey Ranch in 2007.

The event is already a big deal, and draws huge crowds.  It has already created lots of handwringing nannies.

Please keep it safe when leaving, remember ONE person can ruin the event. No burnouts and drifting out of the parking lot!

A notice to those that feel they have to leave the monthly gathering by doing burn outs or speeding on public roads… If you are seen or taped doing this you will be banned from attending future events!!! Lets all act like responsible adults here please !!!

and whiny BS like that.

This sudden increase in self-importance and self promotion portends ill things.  The cops already act like jackasses sometimes.  More press = more people.  Good, to a point, but soon, the bureaucrats will take notice, especially, now that it’s been hyped in the paper.  If it’s a regular gathering at the same spot, purportedly hosted by an identifiable group of people, some dickwad in Scottsdale is going to insist on a permit or two.  Police will stop being occasional visitors and regular goosestepping traffic nazi buzzkills; they’ll become a required presence, because of the increased crowds.  And of course, someone will have to pay for all that oversight.  The dandies “usual suspects” won’t, at least for long.  So, who will bear the cost?  The people showing off?  The lookie-loos?  The photographers?

And that – waking the officious paper-pushing City of Scottsdale beast with this sudden media whoring –  will be what kills the Scottsdale Dandies Compare Penis Size Motorsports Gathering event.  You read it here first.

5 thoughts on “Eat the Rich: The Oven is Preheating on This Goose

  1. Per FerrariChat

    Today was my last C & C in Scottsdale. It seems more of a Pavilions thing now; not that much fun talking with Volkswagen owners about gas mileage. Sad.

    No, Greg is a big boy and posted this all by himself. That said I pretty much agree with him. I remember when this was an Exotics and cars of special interest meet. There would be rows of Ferraris and Lambos with the wonderful thoroughbreds from Zuffenhausen mixed in. Of course in that great mix you would stumble across a couple of truly special one off type cars like the Zagato bodied Alfa that was there yesterday. What a stunner! too bad it had to park pretty much out of the main show area. There was a time and it was not that long ago that this car would have had hoards of people standing around it taking pictures and staring in amazement.
    I think this gem got lost in a sea of irrelevant junk. Yes sir! if I want to see a bunch of new corvettes and camaros I’d go up the street to Van Chevrolet or the Pavillions car show Sat. evening.
    C&C or motorsports gathering, whatever you want to call it has lost it’s soul and has become just another parking lot car show.

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