Another time, Highlander

The biggest problem with shooting ruins is that the best dumps are almost always in the shittiest neighborhoods.

So, we deal with rusty fences and open hostility.  OK.  Workable.

During the workday, we also must contend with people living in carts and jaded business owners/workers, who look at every slowly passing car with the same suspicion and contempt, wondering whether they’re being cased or about to be scammed.
It’s a chicken and egg thing.  I’m not going to hop out like some manic school kid, yammering about my “blogs” and how i would like to take pictures of their shit and put it on the Internet, unless I feel like I won’t get shot, or find my car without wheels.  The businesses, strangely enough, have better things to do than indulge my muse.  They’re also unlikely to consider it, unless I talk to them and tell them what’s up.
So, we’re looking at shooting on Sundays. Sunday mornings, more specifically, while OE800 is still working its magic from the night before on the other kind folks who pre-hate me when I reconnoiter.

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