Fancy Parking: Your world frightens and confuses me edition

It started out as an ordinary trip to a car show.  I followed the GMC to a choice pull through spot.  I could have gone to either side, but i went right in case there was no passenger (couldn’t see).  Even then, I was cautious in pulling in, in case there was a passenger, especially one who liked to kick the door open.

Parking brake, kill the ignition.  Oh look, there WAS a passenger. Good thing I left plenty of room.

Scion GMC Parking
Seems ample.

I let the lady go because: lady. Also, they were parked first. Also, I’m getting my camera out of its padded bag. and then i get out, to go see what Peoria AZ call a car show. But first this:

Bubba (now past the passenger side of my car):  You pulled in there so fast I thought you were going to take my wife’s door off.
Me(inner monologue): if he’s joking, he’s kinda unfunny.
Me (silently) : The door that didn’t open until I pulled in and stopped?  That door?
Me: (aloud):  I thought I pulled in pretty slow.
Bubba:  Yeah right.
Me (still between the cars): mumble mumble CRANKY OLD MAN.
Bubba: *turns like he heard it*
Bubba: *relocks locked doors*
Wife:  *shakes head, laughs quietly at absurd pissing contest*

car show coward
Tough guy.

On the way out, I stopped by the SUV. My theory was that there would be a KTAR “shoot a libtard and deport their corpse to Russia” bumper sticker or something like that. Nope. Just this:

"Police Trackable" sticker
“Police Trackable” sticker

Putting the pieces together, I almost started feeling bad for the guy:

Afraid of controversial colors, afraid of thieves, afraid of bugs. Maybe startled to find a car that was behind him parked in a space next to his. [Ed.: the Nerve!]  Afraid that being startled made him look weak to the woman. Afraid that not defending her honor against a non-event was weak.  Walking away while talking all gruff like, so the look was tough but actions were unlikely to cause an escalation.

Basically, a yippy dog.

So here’s to you, angry scared old man.  An apropos of mostly nothing song that will insult and revolt you.

*goddamn long-haired hippies*

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