Speaking of things that knock

Heisenberg Chrysler 300

What ever happened to the Heisenberg-mobile?  We last saw it abandoned in the New Mexico desert, after taking a bullet to the gas tank.  But then what?  Yes, it sounded knocky and horrible, running out of gas.  Yes, it’s ORV career was a bit more arduous than most SUVs ever experience (going to Costco).  But still, it had a Hemi.  And it was a great bargain.

The government couldn’t seize it, because it was a lease. Hopefully it got repo’ed, rather than suffer the ignominy of eroding into the wastelands where it was abandoned.  Imagine the street cred if you stumbled onto this while out cooking meth in an RV.  A can of gas and a piece of bazooka to plug the hole in the tank and it’s “look ma, now ‘I’m the danger.'”

Alas poor 300.  We think more likely you’re dead in your tracks, felled by a hail of bullets, then a fusillade of sand and wind and heat and the burning death that is the sun.  R.I.P(s).


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