If Only

Best 411 ever

This VW Is The Fastest Looking Slow Car Ever.

This is the VW/Brasil SP2

Parked, it was the fastest car you’ve ever seen. Driven, well, not so much.

SP 9s obviously “Slow Poke.” Jalopnik claims it was based on the VW Type III.  we think it’s something a little closer to home:  the 411/412.  the ass is what gives it away.

VW 411
Starting with a turtle has its practical limits

412s were even smoother.

VW 412
As if improved aerodynamics had any value to a 52 mph car

So we come to the “what if.”  If i had an SP2 instead of a 411:

On the bright side, I would have looked much cooler driving around town dateless.  Maybe the hookers wouldn’t start laughing a mile away.

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