Eat the Rich: We Called It

About a month ago, we noticed some newspaper attention for a car show we go to every month. Concurrently, the “usual suspects” (whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean) changed the name of this thing from “Cars and Coffee” to “Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering.”  The new name seemed a bit pretentious; the media coverage portended more everything in the following months.

And it happened.

Saturday was more cars. Maybe 50% more.  And more attention from the clubs:  10+ S197 Mustangs, close to 10 Elise/Exiges for two. (Maybe they just stood out because they all parked together), and with more people driving, there are more infractions as DUIs, if this also happen to you, consider contacting G&S DUI Attorneys at Law to have the right defense in this kind of cases.

It also meant infinity more cops patrolling the show (3 instead of the usual 0.)  There are always a few that strafe it, circling the grounds like hungry sharks.  Occasionally one strolls through, or parks.

Lots of people make dramatic exits. The usual suspects bemoan the practice.  The cops usually ignore it unless it lands in their lap.  This time it was game on. Plenty of cops, all waiting for the next rabbit.

For those idiot enough to try to be, let’s charitably call it enthusiastic, as you are leaving, there were Scottsdale Police lined up three deep waiting for someone foolish enough to do so. A brace of Mustangs obliged as I was leaving. No sympathy from me. – Dozzina

Corvette Z06 busted
Too fast in to the corner? Near hit of Dad kid and dog? “Sorry” doesn’t cut it.
Mustang busted
John Law doesn’t care that the blue Mustang was faster. His Valentine One worked better than your Cobra. Or JL hates blacked out tails

Normally, we don’t give a shit about the assholes speeding.  We don’t even care (much) about near hits – no harm, no foul.  But John Law does.  Now that this is a “thing,” they are claiming “zero tolerance.”  This is of course, stupid, unenforceable and in fact, they made no effort to go after anyone that was not a convenient, easy target.

458 with loud exhaust: I bet I can go 3 digits on this stretch.
John Law:  I heard nothing.  I saw nothing.
John Law 2:  But I JUST parked.  And there’s a median. I’d have to make a u turn to catch up.  Those are hard.  Plus, I want to play fashion cop.

Fashion Police
Busting crimes against art and nature? There’s always time for that.

So instead of basking in the afterglow of a large show with none of the standout cars they teased, the SMuG presenters and the hangers on got to get drilled by a couple of cops about WTF this was, who was running it and what kind of pain SPD expected to bring next time.

Handwringing?  Handwringing.

On the knucklehead front….

As we have grown, the biggest problem, month after month comes from mostly the domestic car boys with Camaros, Vettes, Mustangs, and to a lesser extent the tuner kids. When they leave the event, they find it necessary to attempt drag racing and powersliding on Scottsdale Rd to prove their manhood, or get 5 minutes of fame on Youtube. In the interest of public safety, I would be happy to get them a supply of Viagra and a membership to match, if they come forward.

Once again, I was approached by 2 of Scottsdale’s finest, (since I am the most visible face of the event), and had to have a chat with them about the aforementioned domestic car moron’s behavior. I can’t tell you how much I hate being approached by the police because someone, whom I don’t know, is an idiot.

If this continues, we are seriously thinking of banning said offending brands from the event. If any of you know who the people are who find this necessary, spread the word, refer them to me…… or tell them to stay home. – Ingenere

Yeah right, you’re going to ban people from an open event at a mall parking lot.  You’re going to “ban” marques or models or categories.  R-i-i-i-g-h-t.  I think YOU took too much Viagra, dude.

Regardless of the empty threats, this thing has a real tangible one that walked up to it with badges. This thing is firmly in the crosshairs of the City of Scottsdale.  What to expect next month?  5, maybe 10 cops.  NBFD.  They have the same right to drop by as everyone else. Worse will be some officious twit from CoS, insisting on a permit or insurance.  The veil of “Usual Suspects” may fall.  More likely, the heat will land on the jeweler who puts out coffee.  That’s who has a property right, not the dandies in the sports cars.  The next step is the mall owner, because that is who owns and therefore controls the whole lot.  That is who will ultimately feel the pressure to legitimize the event. (Which then means insurance, security, maybe some sort of access control, maybe some sort of derivative responsibility for the boneheads that get caught (not for their tickets, but for bringing them there to be assholes in the first place).)

I do not know how the specifics stack up, since I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. I do think the usual suspects and their benefactors are about to learn the downside of publicizing their fellowship.

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