The fine folks who turned cars and coffee into Hookers and Squirrels “the motorsports gathering” are a couple of steps ahead of our prediction model

the fire chief was also present, and because of the size and sheer number of cars present many people are insisting on parking in the fire lanes.  The fire chief made the cars move, but warned us that if the fire lanes continue to be blocked, he will pull the permit and shut the event down.

We all thoroughly enjoy this event and it would be a shame to lose it, but it is up to you.  If you arrive and there are no spots in the main display area, PLEASE DON’T PARK IN THE FIRE LANES!  He said that before he closes the event, he will ticket and tow cars that are in the lane.
Evidently, someone is already running permits for this thing.  We were wrong about that issue springing up. (also about them having any say over who parks where.)
But, between the post-fluff piece attendance spikes, the stepped up cop presence the last two months and now the fire chief playing big dick in the room trolling for free coffee, we still think the clock is ticking on this event in its current form at this location.

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