And Then There Were Three?

2013 CPO RAM

So i am looking for new wheels.  I want to be up higher, esp for some of the photo ideas i have. Also, this is a good year for some extra writeoffs, like a sales tax whale.

Lurleen has dreams of a trailer.  So, the new whatever needs: tow ability; room for Lurleen, kid(s) and/or dogs.  Front bench seat and column shift; V8 and rwd, so I wont miss the Lincoln (too much) are huge plusses.  Hands free phone and a killer radio for when I am parked in rush hour are bonus.

Option 1 -2013 RAM, uplevel trim, right radio and gauges,  CPO15K miles, 4.7L V-8;not a hemi.

Option 2 – 2011 F150 (pics to come, maybe), uplevel trim, right radio and gauges, 27 K miles, 5.0L V8.

Option 3 (Below) – 2013 RAM, basic trim, base radio and gauges, new, 5.7L hemi, also comes in black

All are within $371 of each other.  For another $2K, I can get #3 with right radio and gauges. For another $5, I can get the mondo pimpslut combo of the best of 1 and 3, bucket seats, 8.4″ touchscreen.  Right now, 1 and 3 are a tossup; 2 is probably out, although it IS a red Ford.  The bonus one’s are hard to justify: gauges and radios for thousands extra?  Lurleen would rather have that trailer.

So we’ll see what develops. Feel free to weigh in.

2013 new ram


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