Zinda, his face black, his eyes red. But not for long.

In our last episode, the great truck hunt was down to 3 finalists.  There was one clear favorite, lack of hemi notwithstanding.

2013 CPO RAM
We took it easy yesterday, being wickedly hungover a bit peeved at Buck, our sales rep for a terse and kinda rude exchange Saturday about valuing a trade.

Karma:  also because Lurleen, uh, hoped we would reconsider the utility of a pickup rolling on 20s

“He can just call us if he wants to deal,” we pouted, because “fuck him” “we’re the customer.”

Anyhoo, whether it was THE truck or not is moot.  It’s off the website this morning. We would applaud the courtesy of our former best buddy and big toe, Buck, in calling to tell us it was gone, except that none of the foregoing happened.  No “I’ve got another buyer, are you in or out?” No “sorry I was a dick it’s gone, what else do you like?”  Just radio silence.

But never fear. We have a line on something that hits all the bases and does it better.  We’re not saying it out loud, because: KaRMA.

And, even in our fit of pique regardless of a purchase that didn’t happen, we can always count on Tex Earnhardt to lighten the moment with more car dealer inanity.

Yesterday, in looking for that better fit vehicle, I found one at a Tex Earnhardt store.  Surprising to no one in the universe, it was egregiously overpriced.  The website encouraged me to contact them for the “real” “eprice.”  So I clicked the link and sent the “give me the real price” message.  In response was this:

I do have a few questions that will help me serve you better:

  • What Options and Features do you prefer?
  • Is there a particular color that you will NOT accept?  
  • Please call me directly at [PHONE NUMBER] so that I can send you out an emailed price quote.
I think that is fabulous.  I guess it is not obvious that the things I want or do not want on a car are what the model I inquired about either has or does not have.  The last part is the best – good old Tex you responded to our internet inquiry with an email asking us to call him so that he could then send me an email in response to our inquiry.  Oh, Tex.  You’re a pistol. and that “ain’t no bull.”

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