Monday Musing

Am I turning into my grandfathers? Last year it was this:

1978 Lincoln Continental Town Car

This was the old man’s dream:  power windows, power locks, power motor, plus style and gravitas.

Karma: I don’t think he lusted after the falling apart piece of shitness of this particular example.

He had the money, but had to wait for the old lady to die off before he could spend it freely on the car he always wanted.

This year, it’s this:

2013 Ford Flex

For my entire life, the other grandpa always had a big Ford wagon. This, this, two like this (the one in the background) and then a Taurus wagon.  All had “waybacks” for the kids.  Now I have one.  This is my second go round with a Ford wagon.  The first ended similar to what awaits the Lincoln – a transfer to someone else with the time to deal with constant breakdowns, or a big enough shotgun to put the old horse down.  I expect this go round to end better, with road trips and car camping and all sorts of adventures.  Having seat heaters on 40 degree mornings means it has started off a winner already.

So does this mean i am turning into an old man or those old men?  The wagon guy made it to his late 80s, although losing grandma hollowed him out a bit.  The Lincoln guy turned into a ball of fun after that grandma: 2 live in girlfriends, shaved when he chose, drank what he chose, drove what pleased him, traveled the highways and byways looking for treasures right up until his lifeline moment in his late 90s.  If the answer is yes, I could certainly do worse.

And in the meantime, I’ve got satellite radio and those silly buttwarmers (when Lurleen isn’t close by) to backdrop the adventure, whatever it ends up resembling.

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