Generation of Swine? No, Morons.

My lunch, earlier this week:

Cranky Old Man: Hello Wendy’s.  I would like some crap food.

Wendy: We have that!That will be $3.22!

Cranky Old Man: OK, here is a 5, a quarter and two pennies.

Wendy: *looks befuddled by someone giving coins, punches scary math problem into computer*

Wendy: Your change is $2.04.

Cranky Old Man: My change should be $2.05.  I gave you $5.27

Wendy: You gave me $5.26.

Cranky Old Man: The change on the order was 0.22.  Why would I give you just one penny?

Wendy: *Blank stare*

Cranky Old Man: I am not going to fight about a stupid penny

Wendy: Well, I can’t open my drawer.

Wendy: *Produces order; keeps receipt.*

Is it the ubiquitous use of debit cards  instead of cash money that make them unable to make change? Is it a store policy that you just punch in whatever the tender is and give back whatever the machine tells you too? Is it also a store policy that prevents them from saying WTF? when someone hands them change they do not understand?

Does Wendy REALLY think I am trying to scam them out of that extra penny?

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