Soul: Sold

What a difference a couple of months makes.

Suddenly (or so it seems), Cars and Coffee has turned into post-Soviet Russia.  No more rigid no ads, no promoting policies.  It’s open season.

McLaren mp4 x 3

Suddenly, the “event” has outside corporate presenters. Yay capitalism. (This time: McLaren Scottsdale).  Just as suddenly, no one gives a shit about the unofficial capitalists.

  • barely hidden for sale signs? OK!
  • Sponsored “don’t touch this car” signs promoting the dealer who brought the car? OK!
  • Banners? OK!
  • Bros hyping their butt ugly used Roller and Bentley customs? WGAF?!
  • (And don’t even talk about all the (other) dealer plates.)
  • Trailers promoting car services? Now it’s OK!
  • People using the event to stage their porn intros model shoots? OK!
  • Cops selectively enforcing parking and speed regs? OK! (Like any promoter is gonna say jack about it as long as it’s not them getting harassed.)
2014 Chevrolet Corvette cop bad boy
Whacha gonna do? Look the other way, evidently
gto el camino
Dealer plates and bucket seats festooned with “for sale” signs
Rolls Royce Ghost pimpmobiles
Bro Diddly and the pimp sleds
trailer prn stars
is that a zoom lens or are you just happy to see our tits us?



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