Things you learn by listening

Previously, I argued that publicity portended the death of Hookers and Squirrels the “Motorsports gathering” (née Cars and Coffee) in Scottsdale.  Me, as an avowed hater of the city and idealized lifestyle of Scottsdale, fully expected that the city would take notice of this completely Constitutional gathering and start whining about “event” permits and other bureaucratic bullshit cities impose. I thought it would lead to cops, and eventually to tying the cop expense directly to the event, killing it.

I was not 100% correct in my premise.

In listening to the other braggarts and know-it-alls at yesterday’s “Cars and Cigars,” I learned that the very generous host of that event also took care of all the permitting and such required by the nannies at the city.  That explains why the cops would strafe the event but not get their panties bunched more than usual at 100 Ferraris and other speed carts all happening to be in the same lot every 1st Saturday of every month.

I still believe that the usual bureaucracy creep will manifest.  Scottsdale will decide at some point in the none-to-distant future that the event should pay for the cop time currently spent on speed traps at the exits.  It will probably follow a threshold event like an injury because some dumb bitch in a Cayenne hit me from a fight or collision, or some massive property damage like pissing in the Miura an Enzo and an MP4 getting their winged doors locked and ripped off.  Something that requires the cops to show up, as opposed to their ham-handed drivebys and walkthroughs.  That will be the catalyst.

McLaren mp4 x 3
be careful spreading those wings…

Then either the current benefactor or some new one steps up to cover the cost or it goes to a display fee or admission fee model. I suspect either one will kill the monthly grail car fest we know and love.




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