Who’ll stop the rain?

We had a Christmas party about 10 days ago.  On the way home, one of the secretaries (Sharon) had a small issue with the car in front of her.  This was the result.

wrecked Altima wrecked Altima

But that is just the start of the problem. It never rains but it pours.

She’s had this car for 6 months.  She bought it used for about $17K. The damages estimates (subject to change after they “get in there”) are all hovering around $9K which she is hoping would come down with the help of a reputed uber accident attorney when they present the case against the insurance company.  She thinks it’s a total loss – the engine subframe may or may not be mangled.  the airbag discharged.  Regardless, once fixed, she will have a repaired, post-airbag deployment Nissan that is worth nothing close to what it was worth when she got to the party, let alone what  she owes on it.  Depending on where she trades it in, she will have to disclose the accident. She’ll have to disclose the airbag deployment. Some dealers will just take a pass on the car entirely, knowing that info. Unexpected accidents like this is just one of the reasons on why you should hire a car accident lawyer.

According to her lawyer from the Snapka Law Firm the repair shops and her insurer disagree that it should be totalled.  “That’ll buff right out” is essentially their position.  So what can be done?

Tony Rached is a Licensed Car Appraiser located in Atlanta, Georgia at Diminished Value Atlanta.  DVA is a local (ATL), licensed and insured car appraisal company.  This is the type of service Sharon needs to engage.

DVA appraisals are completed to USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) standards, which means acceptance by insurance companies, courts, charities and the IRS.

Two types of DVA appraisals would come in handy for Sharon.

Diminished Value Appraisals Diminished Value is the loss in resale value a vehicle suffers after an accident. Let us help you maximize your loss in value payout from the insurance company. For motorcyclists who have been injured in an accident, they can contact massachusetts motorcycle accident lawyers to get compensation for their injuries.

Total Loss Appraisals If your vehicle was declared a total loss and you’re disputing the insurers valuation amount, you can hire us to conduct an independent appraisal and present you with a true market value of your vehicle. And for commercial truck accidents, it can be far more devastating and complicated than a regular car accident. That’s why they should only be handled by a law firm with years of experience and a record of success handling this specific case type. Click here to read legal advice from FSA Law Firm for when you get involved in a car accident.

Ultimately, either the Altima is totalled, and the insurers just need some objectivity to see it, or the insurance company needs to be called on the diminution in value from the fact of the accident.  Just fixing the damage does not make her whole.

Like our friends at the PI firms say – “in a wreck?  Get a check.”  [Ed.: no idea if this applies retroactively.]

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