the deep dark secrets

on Sirius this morning, I heard “Touch and Go” (The Cars) for probably the third time since it was briefly “popular” in 1980.  This is that:

Anyway, I’m sitting there explaining to my kid what a fucked up disappointment the entire Panorama album was, let alone the cowboy jingle of T&G, when the lyrics grab me:

All I need is what you’ve got
All I’ll tell is what you’re not
All you know is what you hear
I get this way when you come near

Then I know it’s gone too far
Uh, oh, I touched your star
And it felt so right
Just like the hush of midnight
And then you said
With me it’s touch and go-o-o-o

Well, being an occasional editor on Urban Dictionary, i have been made aware that some stars are not on found TV or in the sky. This kind. Less scatologically, but even more NSFW, THIS KIND.

In that context, I have a whole different opinion of Ric Ocasek.  I just hope that this was not about future wife Paulína Pořízková.

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