Jimmy’s Got a Gun

Deja Vu All Over Again – My little one has some teen (and other) angst going on for a while now, and thinks the path to peace is following the example of the older sibling a few years ago.  The whys and whethers and if/when to call in FEMA are for another time Highlander.


Just to make my job in piloting the Minnow more impossible, my neighbors have elevated the freakshow quotient of the status quo.  In good news, Jimmy and Timmy Wang no longer couch surf across the street – they couch surf in Jimmy’s minor daughter’s 1 BR apartment.  In bad news, they’re STILL both across the street all the time, to mooch food and beer. And now they’re packing.

Jimmy Wang walks around drunk as shit with a penis compensator revolver. Timmy’s got a shotgun in his Tahoe.

Is this illegal?  Not in NRA owned AZ.  Not one bit.

Is there any conceivable downside to two un/underemployed, un/undereducated, DR disaster drunken fools packing heat? Any at all?

Sorry, people living on this shooting gallery street. Especially the one guy with a job and his already collaterally damaged wife.  It’s not if, it’s when.  And also yay, firearms on premises means SWAT shows up the next time somebody hides there after beating up their baby mama.


So, If you think of any downside, kindly avoid mentioning it to the kid. The kid doesn’t need more ammo to hear it.

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