Cops Suck

Let’s suppose you went to a bar and had that dastardly second beer.  Let’s say that after repeating this process 157 times that night, you were stupid enough to drive.  And got caught.  And arrested.  This is what Arizona cops will do to you.

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A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy

Cass Corridor’s Infamous Temple Hotel Finally Bites the Dust – Demolition Watch – Curbed Detroit Pour one out for the Temple Hotel. The storied safe haven for prostitution, drugs, and other historic mainstays of the Cass Corridor was demolished today, emitting what had to be an especially disgusting plume of dust. Yes, R.I.P. you biohazardous den of iniquity. […]

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Beerhounding in Tempe, Part 2.

So we left the World of Beer with Lurleen. Good night moon cigar guy from New York.  This is Arizona.  In the summer, we wear hats and drive cars. We wear hats and drive cars or people die. It’s that simple. Good night, drunken Canadians. Enjoy your raid on the fresh AZ seafood. Good night, Baldies. […]

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