The Dude Abides

This is Boardner’s in Hollywood – yet another Hollywood bar that is not quite sure what it wants to be.  It’s dark and moody, but the bar is curvy with mood lighting better suited for West Hollywood than an historic L.A. dive bar.

We stopped in to see what all the commotion in the street was about.



Evidently, Jeff Bridges was in the attached B52 club next door, filming a commercial for some tequila company.

No, we didn’t come close to seeing him.

On the bright side, the disruption meant it was happy hour all night.  Thank you drunk enthusiastic manager.

Happy hour in Hollywood means drinks cost close to what a non-happy hour price would be in the real world.

Also on the bright side?  The Kings won the cup, a point of pride for the manager.  Also, he had a new 20-year-old girlfriend who was 34DD (“all natural, too”).  Evidently in Hollywood, you’re presumed to have work done on any noteworthy physical assets.


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