Solve this dilemma

Your kid needs to print something on Sunday night at 8. Your printer is out of ink. Replacement ink costs about $75. Staples has your ink.  Staples is closed.  Best Buy probably has your ink.  Best Buy is definitely closed.  Target is open, but doesn’t have your ink. Target does sell printers that come with ink for $60 or less.

Do you:

  1. wait until tomorrow when Staples/Best Buy opens.  Sorry kid, print it out at school this time, even though you don’t have time.
  2. sorry kid.  You’re just SOL so I can teach you a life lesson in a particularly cruel and dickish fashion.
  3. buy a new printer (with cheaper replacement ink down the road ink)

or 4.  get in a(nother) stupid argument, this time over who owns the out of ink printer you bought ten years ago (yours truly) and who was responsible for someone else junking the cheap printer they owned when they couldn’t find replacement ink (not yours truly).

Anyhoo, am I the only one who finds it insane that a new printer already stocked with ink is cheaper than replacement ink?

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