Wild Turkey whiskey
“Oh, and could I get a quart of Wild Turkey, two fifths of Bacardi, and a night’s worth of ice delivered to my room, please?”

Wild Turkey and Vegas.  What could possibly go wrong?

Maybe it was the Budweiser chaser. Maybe being sandwiched by Tullamore Dew and Harp. And a beer and some wine at dinner.

Hey, let’s Facebook some pics!

Hey, lets post some insightful comments!

Hey! Another round?  Fuck yeah!

JANE: What happened?
THOR: We drank. We fought. He made his ancestors proud.
JANE: Put him on the bed.
SELVIG: I still don’t believe you’re the God of Thunder… But you ought to be.

Suddenly, it’s tomorrow. It’s exactly Jesus-Fuck-it’s-early o’clock tomorrow.

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