Blow Shit Up: If i were King of the Forest

You’ve been so long
Well, it’s been so long
And I’ve been putting out fire
with gasoline
putting out fire with gasoline

Cat People (David Bowie)

What is the likely institutional response when misconduct* is brought to the attention of the powers that be?

*for avoidance of slander claims, let’s just call it deficient exercise of cardinal principles. Or general frat bro dumbassery.

My preferred course of action is irrelevant. I am biased and also mostly powerless to effect change.  What will happen at national, on the advice of counsel (S.W.A.G., not prediction) is this:

  1. Circle the wagons.
  2. ignore the gadfly in case the angry letter report was the only incoming salvo.
  3. quietly revise policy draft a CYA memo to the file that property subsidiary should consider revising its staffing and operational policies (consistent with its rule making procedures) to better ensure that staff is fully vetted and that more forthright and transparent communication between chapters/properties/national occurs.
  4. Go to the bar. Desperate to relive the glory days when being a bro was carefree and fun, fuck some aging whore that smells like Metamucil and despair. In an alley.  Because that is what this shitfest of National and its risk management and income streams and duplicitous schizophrenia has become.  Entertaining from a distance.  Up close and unfiltered, it’s ugly. Stupid. Cynical and feckless. Empty and joyless. Dirty. Old. Throw some dollars at her, slumped over in the snow.  Go back to the bar. Whiskey.  Beer.  Repeat.

Sorry.  Got caught up in the metaphor.

  1. Take a Prozac and chill the fuck out, Mr. emo.
  2. Move on to the next fire.  Go to #1.

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